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Choosing a Business Partner

It’s daunting to choose a new business partner. This single decision could make your career shine and simplify your life or could damage your entire reputation.

We would prefer to make you look good!

Tell us about your goals and objectives. Then together, we will determine if our solutions could be a good fit for you. Here is precisely what you can expect from us before you ever sign on the dotted line.

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Schedule a Free Consult

  • Meet Onsite or Virtually
  • Discuss Your Challenges
  • Define Your High-Level Needs
  • Explore Automation Opportunities
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See a Demo

  • High-Level Demo to See What’s Possible
  • Discuss Solution Ideas & Best Practices
  • Share Similar Client Success Stories
  • Consider Your Vision for Future Solution
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Define the Scope

  • What Are Your Must-Haves?
  • What Are Your Future Desires?
  • What is Your Budget & Timeline?
  • Identify Your Future Solution Vision
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Get Started

  • Draft an SOW
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Solution Support Options
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What's Next?

After you join Naviant as a client, the real work begins.

Your project team will be identified, and Naviant will step you through our proven two-phase project methodology. The methodology and your Naviant team are your guides every step of the way and will help you discover the best way to accomplish your goals through process and technology.

Planning Phase

The Planning Phase is generally short. The goal is to listen to what you need and want in an automation solution. Then, establish a plan that fits your organization.

First, we work together to map out your current operations to identify the best areas to automate. We look for processes that have the most significant potential for a high return on investment (ROI). Based on your goals and objectives, Naviant creates a Solution Roadmap that outlines the Future State of your new automated process(es).

Finally, we compile all the research in a detailed report for you. The planning phase report includes an overview of the proposed project, the results from your current process review, what the future automation will look like, an outline of the solution roadmap, use cases, as well as an estimate on the project cost.

Planning Phase Infographic

Implementation Phase

Now, we pull all the pieces together for you to put your vision into action. We design, configure, and test your automation in the Implementation Phase. This phase is very fluid. We want to make sure your solution is built to meet your needs now and your future needs so you will provide feedback on the design and configuration throughout the process.

It is essential for everyone to be on the same page, specifically around what falls in and out of the project scope. A future wish list is also captured for future enhancement or expansion.

During the implementation phase, your core team will be trained. Then we will move to production where end-users will Go-LIVE with your new solution.

Change can be challenging. Naviant will be there with you every step of the way to ensure the transition from old to new goes smoothly. We have a specialized Go-Live Support Team to guide you right before and after your solution goes live. After your solution is live, our Customer Success Team is here to provide you with ongoing support. You will always find a friendly and knowledgeable resource to help you and your organization be successful.

Implementation Phase Infographic

It’s easy to get started!

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