Digitally Transforming Your Insurance Processes

True digital transformation has many critical components. It should help you improve efficiencies throughout your entire organization. And as industry changes arise, it should be able to respond quickly. It also should support your policyholders through insurance automation.

By leveraging a content services platform, you can unlock your true potential. You gain instant access to your data, including documents, images, and other relevant information. You’ll be able to drive new business and claims decisions faster. You’ll spend less time looking for information and more time working with it. As a result, you can focus on the more important matters. The focus could be spotting new opportunities to help policyholders. Or it could be simply building your business. The possibilities are endless.


Solutions for Life & Annuity Insurance

Naviant has deep experience with Life Insurers who manage high-volume new business, underwriting, and claims processing. Naviant’s focus on process first is key to your success. To achieve success, you’ll focus on the process first. You will begin with a focus on simplifying your existing processes. Then, you will begin implementing technology to solve your problems. Whether your focus is on new business and underwriting, claims processing, or customer service, Naviant’s life insurance experience can help to make your transformation a success.


Solutions for P&C Insurance

Documents and content drive your decisions day in and day out. But both legacy and modern policy management solutions make mistakes. Both see managing the content you need to make business decisions as peripheral functionality. But a content services platform can help. When you implement one, you can maximize your digital transformation efforts. This solution can help you increase both automation and visibility. It conveniently stores all your information in one place. As a result, you can make better underwriting decisions with ease. It also accelerates your claims processing. This way, you can solve your customers’ problems faster than ever before.

Your customers expect more than ever. With higher demands, many insurers have inflated staffing to try and meet customer expectations. By implementing a New Business solution, you can manage the manual, paper-intensive processes in place today more efficiently. This solution will allow you to make better, faster decisions.

Benefits of New Business Processing

  • Improves the quality and timing of new business processes
  • Resolves up to 90 percent of calls on initial inquiry – requiring no callback
  • Meets compliance rules by automating the validation of fields like age requirements, appropriate use of application by state or product, and signature detection
  • Automatically routes applications and information
  • Natively processes ACORD 1122 and ACORD 506 messages

Our Go-To Tools

From the onset of the claim through the determination, you need to complete many tasks. With a Claims Case Management solution, your information and content are accessible and centralized. It allows your workflows to automatically route information, verify coverage, and track missing or required content. Notifications and reminders can automatically send based on the rules you put in place to keep projects on track. Workloads can be rebalanced based on case load and your team will know what is the most important work to do next. It can also integrate with core policy admin solution, such as:

  • Duck Creek
  • Guidewire
  • LifePro
  • A legacy AS400 solution

When you integrate, the results can be significant. You will experience an increase in efficiency across claims operations. You can serve your customers from FNOL by leveraging live and offline video collaboration. It also features helpful mobile capabilities. Your customers or field staff can upload photos, videos, and other documents. With these features, your adjusters get instant access to the information necessary to start processing a claim.


  • Increases productivity by reducing the need to search for information across multiple data sources
  • Ensures your staff completes tasks promptly with reminders, timers, notifications, and other communications
  • Improves compliance through greater visibility, audit ability and adherence to internal controls
  • Reduces time to decision with immediate access to information

Our Go-To Tools

More on Claims Management

Your core systems alone can limit your efficiency potential. They may not be able to manage certain documents, cases, and processes. The solution is finding the right integration can accelerate your digital transformation. Solutions like Guidewire, Duck Creek, LifePro, and even Legacy AS400 solutions can seamlessly integrate with your solution. As a team, the two solutions can automate workflows. This can then speed up processing times across the insurance lifecycle. Integrating your solutions increases the quality and efficiency of your work and customer service.


  • Gives your team access to their information anywhere, anytime
  • Makes the most of your existing technology investments

Our Go-To Tools

Your customers communicate via email, text, and social media. And these habits affect their expectations for you. You must manage complex communications without manually assembling content. Integrating directly with your Document Management solution can help. Personalized communication is time-consuming when it’s manual. But integration can make personalization easy and reduce costs. It also provides a record of each interaction with your customers. And you can access all this data in one secure place.


  • Improves customer satisfaction while lowering the cost of assembling communications
  • Lets your team focus on higher-value tasks
  • Increases the consistency and accuracy of communications
  • Supports compliance for corporate or regulation standards

Our Go-To Tools

  • Content Composer
  • Document Management
  • Document Composition
  • Document Packaging Capabilities
  • Integrations with Microsoft Product Suite

Litigation requires file preparation and legal review in little time. Unfortunately, both processes are expensive. But a document management solution can ease this pain. It quickly and securely gathers and shares the information and files you need.

Document retention and records disposal of both policy and claims information is essential. And it can open you up to liability if left unattended. But with rules and logic, you can automatically manage the retention and destruction of documents and stay ahead of legal issues. This way, you can ensure your team will adhere to your corporate policy.


  • Maintains a full audit history of actions taken within the document management solution
  • Reduces the time needed to search for legal documentation
  • Removes the burden adhering to regulations from your team by leveraging rules and logic
  • Securely shares information with encryption and password protection

Our Go-To Tools

Your field adjusters need have access to all information wherever they go. A mobile field adjuster solution makes this possible. You can capture photos, videos, and other information while in the field. With offline capabilities, they can collect this information anywhere. Once connected to a network, your core applications exchange the captured data. In the end, you save both time and money.


  • The streamlining of field operations and improvement of claims responsiveness
  • Provide your team with Offline capabilities to access information anywhere, anytime
  • Avoid errors and ensure data integrity by avoiding paper-based transcribing

Our Go-To Tools

You can also use document management to automate your business processes in the following areas:

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