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Overview of OnBase Software by Hyland

OnBase is a cloud-based content services platform that can help your organization maximize its efficiency. It accomplishes this by managing all your content, processes, and cases in a single secure location. And all of this takes place on a configurable low-code platform with seamless integration.

OnBase can benefit a wide variety of industries and departments. You may be wondering, “Where should I start?” Many organizations identify the department that most needs a boost. Many are so pleased with their results that they gradually expand their OnBase software implementation from there to other areas in their organization.

OnBase Software Core Capabilities

ECM allows you to securely capture, store, and retrieve your documents. They also reduce the number of mistakes that occur. No more headache-inducing misfiled or duplicated documents! As a result, your overall accuracy will increase.

Many benefits can come from implementing an ECM solution. For one, ECM solution saves you money because it dramatically reduces your paper consumption. More importantly, ECM can save you significant amounts of time. It accelerates your document retrieval process so you can spend less time chasing documents. Instead, you can attend to more time-value tasks like enhancing your customer experience.


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OnBase software can capture all your documents electronically and organize them in one centralized repository for you. As a result, your process speeds up, and your accuracy increases. It doesn’t matter whether your document is in a paper or electronic format, or what location or application you received it in, OnBase can capture it. As a result, you can also eliminate the expenses that would otherwise come with document transportation.

OnBase can bring that information to life using Brainware Intelligent Capture. Brainware is an industry-leading software by Hyland. First, it pulls critical information from the text on your documents. It does this without needing any specific templates, anchors, zones, or keywords. It classifies, extracts, and validates your documents’ vital information. Brainware then automatically updates your business systems. It stands above other intelligent capture technologies in its speed and accuracy.

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OnBase workflow can electronically route your documents for approvals. This feature may sound simple, but there’s more to it. You can pre-determine a set of rules that fit your organization’s needs. Your solution will follow these instructions as it processes your work. It allows you to easily customize real-time notifications based on your processes. With OnBase’s workflow automation, you can process more work. And you can do it all with greater accuracy and speed than ever before. Managers will love having visibility into where things are at in a process. And the ability to quickly load balance work to increase productivity.

You can apply OnBase workflow to various departments across your organization. Workflows can streamline a variety of processes in your organization, including:

  • High volume remittance processing
  • Expense reports
  • Core process-driven applications
  • Invoice approvals

OnBase makes your documents’ security a top priority. When you allow OnBase workflow to manage and route your documents for you, you can be sure that they won’t fall into the wrong hands.

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OnBase can accelerate your entire decision-making process. And this isn’t just thanks to the technology’s excellent 360-degree visibility into your information. Case Management uses workflow automation to manage all standard transactions. When it detects an exception, it creates a case that brings together all relevant information, from system data and content to documents and data integrations in your core systems.

Your knowledge workers can then access the case and get a 360-degree view into notes, emails, data, forms, documents, and complete history. Essentially everything they need to make a decision is right there in front of them. They can also enter additional information by doing a variety of tasks:

  • Log phone calls
  • Add updates
  • Share insights
  • Schedule events
  • Ensure smooth handoffs along the way

Managers can benefit from Case Management, too, as it keeps a complete log of all actions taken on each document and features reporting to measure individual performance. It also sets helpful reminders that help managers ensure that cases don’t get behind, and when adjustments are necessary, managers can easily redistribute the workload.

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You want to consume information the way that makes sense to you. But tailoring these communications is complex. Hyland’s customer communications management (CCM) technology helps you overcome these obstacles. It integrates with your existing applications to to create individually personalized content from your standardized templates. And it can do it on demand or in high-volumes. Improve your customer satisfaction today and start connecting the dots with CCM.

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Managing retention and records management with OnBase software is easy. Odds are that if you don’t have a tool to manage your records, you are putting your organization at risk. Security and compliance issues are real. With OnBase retention and records management is automated. Freeing you up to concentrate on real work.

Visibility into your content and processes is critical. Managers need access to real-time data to make decisions. Workers need to know what the next most important work is to do. Executives all want a dashboard view into their KPIs. OnBase provides the ability to monitor, report on and then optimize your key processes. These key insights will help everyone in your company do more with less. And make adjustments instantly and easily.

Sick of chasing down information? If you are like most, you find yourself drowning in data and systems that don’t connect. You are in information overload and oftentimes you don’t even know where to start looking for something. Search solutions from Hyland are built to do the searching for you. Think of it as your own Google search across all of your organization’s data and systems. Enterprise Search from Hyland makes locating key information simple, straightforward and quick.

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