How HR Departments Can Benefit from Enterprise Content Management Software

You handle a lot of documents in human resources. A lot of these documents need to be secure yet accessible. It’s also vital that they are only available to certain people at the right time. You may struggle to meet this goal due to manual processing and paper. To combat this challenge, many HR departments are turning to technology. An enterprise content management (ECM) system, or HR automation, centralizes your content. More notably, it helps you manage content in your department and the entire company.

With an HR automation, you can manage all employee-related content. For example:

  • Applicant Materials
  • Benefits and Payroll Documents
  • Compliance Materials

You can also use HR automation to gain control of activities that relate to this content. For instance:

  • Employee Life Cycle Management
  • Performance and Training Management
  • Incentives and Promotions Management

HR Automation Integrations

You can even integrate your HRIS software like PeopleSoft, SAP, or Lawson with HR automation. HR Automation supports the employee data in your HRIS. For this reason, adding an HR automation solution extends the value of your HRIS. Together these systems are a dynamic combo of document management and process automation. Plus, you’ll enjoy accessing your documents in one click and processing more work with fewer resources, and many other benefits. Say good-bye paper, and hello to more time!

You are under pressure to complete processes with accuracy and promptness. Being able to do so shows your company is competent. More importantly, it leaves a positive impression. Plus, today, employee satisfaction is more important than ever.

You can stop losing sleep, wondering if you missed a step. You can confidently complete employee processes with automated workflows. Besides, you can perform them faster. Workflow manages all necessary activities in your process. It also comes with other benefits for your entire business.


  • Provides instructions to staff regarding which benefits will continue to apply to the separating employee and for how long
  • Delivers instructions about how to process final paychecks to the payroll department
  • Completes tasks on time, so that you can add/remove employee building and system access by the proper time
  • Protects sensitive HR documents so that your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, minimizing risk for your organization
  • Gives you full visibility into the history of actions taken on your employee files

Our Go-To Tools

  • Document Management
  • Workflow
  • ShareBase

Does your organization rely on paper documents for HR policies and procedures? If so, you know how time-consuming and error-prone this process can be. Not to mention, making sure all your employees read and review these documents. With an automated policy and procedure workflow solution, you store all vital records in one electronic location and can provide secure access to your employees. Also, when your employees review the materials, they can acknowledge they viewed them and can easily refer back to them for future reference.


  • Centralizes policy documents with easy access for all employees
  • Enhances compliance by electronically distributing current policies, program rules, government mandates, and company/industry standards
  • Capture and tracks employee acknowledgments through a single digital interface
  • Update documents and automatically track revision within your organization as well as external regulatory updates

Our Go-To Tools

  • Document Management
  • Document Knowledge Transfer (DKT)

A smooth recruitment process is crucial to building a strong, talented team at your organization. Making sure you are efficient is also essential. Automate your applicant tracking system to capture and store applications electronically and promptly distribute applicant materials. You gain a clear view of where you are in the recruitment process at any time


  • Spend more time finding the best candidate instead of sorting through the papers in your manual processes
  • Accelerate decisions and the hiring process with automated workflows
  • Dependable compliance and security of applicant’s information
  • Alerts when information is missing in an applicant’s file
  • Determine where your hiring process has inefficiencies

Our Go-To Tools

  • Workflow
  • Reporting Dashboards
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