What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow management software automates your business processes. It helps your workers move work through a process with efficiency and accuracy. When it’s time to assign tasks, workflow software identifies who can best complete the work. The decision criteria could depend on a person’s workload, schedule of authority, or other pre-defined business rules you have set.

After a workflow assigns a task, it electronically routes the related documents to the appropriate employee. Once that person completes their tasks, workflow is smart enough to know who needs to see it next. You can also personalize this process based on linear tasks that need to happen in a certain order. That way, it works perfectly for your company’s simple or complicated process.

Count on your workflow management software to handle your process with precision. No more human error, no more guessing if it was completed on time, and no more wondering where the work is at! Content within workflow software is safe and secure. The proper people can only access it at the right time. Say goodbye to physical filing cabinets and network shares and so long misfiled or misrouted files.


Where to Use Workflow Software

Workflow automation is versatile and flexible. As a result, it can enhance efficiency in most business departments. Workflow is best for well-defined and repeatable tasks. Automating on predefined rules is valuable for specific processes in every organization. For example, workflow automation has proven to be invaluable for:

  • Streamlining Payment Approvals
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Application Reviews
  • Employee Onboarding

Workflow Solution Results

Manually processing content slows down your business. Waiting for paper, electronic files, and searching for documents devours your time. Workflow software streamlines these tedious processes and frees up your time. In other words, your workers will have more time. They can turn their attention to more value-added tasks.

Without workflow delegating their duties, some employees are drowning. At the same time, others are idle. What’s worse is your busy workers may need to make decisions or help with approvals. But they are swamped and slow down the processes even more. Workflow automation can balance the distribution of tasks to your staff. Better balance means you enhance process compliance, adherence, and efficiency.

With manual processing, you run the risk of costly mistakes like duplicate work and missing documents. Workflow automation standardized processes and reinforces accuracy. The digital audit trail gives you insights you can act on.

Workflow software makes compliance and audits smooth. It provides a detailed history of all routing, approval, and exception management actions. Monitor your security and employee performance for enhanced clarity. Take back control of your processes with workflow software.

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