Overview of Content Portal

The Content Portal, powered by Jadu, is a fully integrated web content management portal solution that integrates seamlessly with OnBase Content, Workflow, WorkView, electronic forms, and payment processing to enhance your operational efficiency, supercharge your digital transformation, and help you achieve your mobilefirst strategy. 

In the age of Amazon’s rapid services and widespread self-service options, today’s consumer expects a seamless experience with instant delivery in every corner of their life. The Content Portal empowers you to provide exactly that by enabling internal and external access to secure account portal pages. As a result, you can deliver personalized, secure digital self-service to your customers, partners, and constituents, allowing them to: 

  • Access secure content & processes 
  • Submit forms & payments 
  • Add attachments and streamline processes 
  • Enjoy a better user experience including high self-service adoption 

Where to Use Content Portal

The Content Portal can optimize operational efficiency across many industries, including Insurance, Finance, Government, and Higher Education. It can also be applied to key business processes in departments like human resources, accounts payable, accounts receivable and more. Have an inquiry submission form? A vendor searching for an invoice?  A customer wanting to make a secure payment?  An employment application and hiring process with applicant tracking?   An order form and order tracking?  With all these use cases and so many more, the Content Portal is a highly scalable solution that can help you achieve excellence in many areas across the enterprise.

Core Capabilities

The Content Portal provides customers with online access at the front end. This way, they can independently navigate to the content they need when they need it. As a result, you can reduce calls and long wait times, which makes your work life easier and lets your customers spend less time on hold. 

Customers can also use the Content Portal to self-service from any location. Better yet, it lets them use any desktop or mobile device they want, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. These conveniences will make communication far easier. 

Traditionally, a customer could only access services between the standard business hours of 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday-Friday. The Content Portal lets businesses overcome this obstacle by giving customers 24/7 on-demand access to the content they need. This frees your staff from unnecessary administrative tasks and gives your customers the seamless experience they demand and deserve.

No matter how many systems your organization relies on, the Content Portal can work with them. For one, the Content Portal seamlessly integrates with OnBase, Perceptive Content, and OnBase WorkView, offering a low-code configurable case management framework for creating business apps without complex coding. But it can also integrate directly into your legacy portals and other lines of business systems. This means you can further maximize the ROI of these pre-existing systems.

When it comes to use cases, the Content Portal is a highly flexible platform. It’s well-equipped to drive user experiences across industries and departments, with its most common use cases including government and higher education portals and accounts payable departments. 

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