Introduction to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and OnBase

Whether you are looking to lower costs and improve efficiency, increase compliance and lower risk or enhance collaboration and customer service, an enterprise content management (ECM) solution can help your organization meet their goals. Our focus is to help you pull the right tools out of your OnBase tool kit to help build end process efficiencies and to drive business forward. To do this, we help you get rid of paper as well as manage your processes more electronically and more efficiently.

Of course, the idea of an ECM solution can seem overwhelming at first. Fortunately, we can help!

In this video, we will break down ECM in an easily digestible manner and guide you through the main components of OnBase, an ECM Solution. Additionally, we will help you gain an understanding of the basic language needed to sound like a pro and learn what steps you need to take to gain control over your content, processes, and data.

We will focus on these six categories of successful process automation:

  1. Capture all your content no matter the location or format.
  2. Manage your data, documents, and process by implementing workflows and other tools.
  3. Access your content wherever you are and whenever you need it.
  4. Integrate seamlessly with core applications you already use every day like your ERP, SIS or EMR.
  5. Measure and report on the information and activities easily visible within your system with a ECM solution.
  6. Store and protect your content securely in one centralized place. This will ensure that you will be able to access your content when you need it, which boosts efficiency.

We will also address the answers to:

  • What is content management and workflow automation technology?
  • How can you improve the management of your content, processes, and data?
  • How do you streamline processes across your organization?
  • Where and how do you start with a process overhaul?

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